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  • NATCA in Washington

    NATCA's premier legislative event.


    May 18-20 2015

  • Leadership

    NATCA's President Paul Rinaldi, Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, our National Executive Board, and your National Legislative Committee are looking forward to you your attendance at NATCA in Washington 2015.  We value your activism and commitment during this critical time for our members.

  • Access

    As a legislative activist attending NiW, you will have access to, and be addressed by, our nations congressional leaders.

  • Relationships

    NATCA in Washington is a great place to build relationships.


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  • Grass Roots
    Grass Roots

    Every single member who attends NATCA in Washington needs to take the "legislative message" back to their facility.


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  • Impact

    Attending NATCA in Washington and bringing our message as subject matter experts to our elected officials on Capitol Hill has had a tremendous positive impact on our professions for over two decades.  Additionally, our annual legislative gathering in DC  serves to strengthen our Union through the many personal relationships and friendships that are built and renewed each year.

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